All about small particles

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An expository essay.

All matter consists of molecules, which consist of atoms, which consist of protons, neutrons, and electrons. All electromagnetic waves consist of photons.

Although the molecule is the biggest particle I am mentioning in this essay, it is still very tiny. Molecules are made up of two or more atoms. According to the kinetic-molecular theory, molecules are in constant motion. The state in which matter appears (solid, liquid, or gas) depends on the speed and separation of the molecules of this matter. Substances differ according to the structure and composition of their molecules.
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Excel in Math

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Persuasive essay

It is very important to excel in math (if you haven’t figured it out yet.) A lot of jobs require math. Math also helps in everyday life. It helps you think clearly and logically. Unfortunately, in America, the school studies are easy compared to Europe, especially in math. In American 5th grade math classes, multiplying and dividing is taught, while European 5th graders are starting to study Algebra. This is why I chose to persuade people to excel in math.

Math is also very interesting. If you are good in math, you can also enjoy a study like astronomy or physics. Most people think it is boring, but that is probably because they have a hard time doing it. My advice is study hard, learn it and then any math problem will be piece of cake for you.

The reader might be thinking that he/she will never use math or geometry; and anyway, what they really need to know is what they learned in third grade. Well, if you do, you either didn’t get my point, or you are bad in math. What? Did you say you are bad in math? Well, then once again, study hard and excel in one of the world’s broadest and most fascinating sciences.