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In my creative writing class, there is a very peculiar student. The student’s name is Confusion. Confusion does not know if he is a he or she. When the teacher tries to teach, confusion starts to laugh and cry at the same time. First, he is angry, and then she is sad, then happy, then angry again. He asks the teacher a question, then he says she knows the answer. When she walks into the school, the doors stare at him in askance.

And he dresses very strangely. He wears a boot as big as an elephant on her arm. He also wears a hat the size of a molecule on her left toe. His left eye is bleu, and his left eye is red. His hair is incredibly dirty, but her hands are sterile clean. When he smiles, he is angry. When he cry’s, he is happy. When he plays the drums, you first hear a loud boom, and then a quiet tap. When she is in a class, he does not know if it is History or Math. One day he knows everything, the next she is dumb as a piece of wood. This is Confusion.

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