The day it did not rain from left to right

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This summer, my mother, my father, our friends and I went to the White Mountains national park in New Hampshire. This is a park with a lot of big, rocky mountains, and cold rocky creeks and lakes. They are called “White Mountains” because they are covered with snow for a long period of time. Our main purpose was to visit Mt. Washington, which is the highest mountain in the Northeast. In addition, it has the worst weather in the world. As soon as one day passed, after we had gone up a hill, (you can’t even call it a hill because it was a bump in the ground only visible with a microscope) it became only my father’s and my purpose to visit Mt. Washington. Everybody else was very tired, they hated mountains, and wanted to go east to Maine, eat lobsters all day long and do nothing. Poor lobsters.

For four days my father and I tortured everybody else. Every day we made them climb mountains. And every day everybody else tortured us also. They were constantly wining. They were getting tired very quickly. Therefore, they made us go to stupid gift shops and restaurants. Because of this, our wonderfully planned trip to the big mountains of New Hampshire became an ugly travel to a city of cars, traffic, noise, and crowds of people.

Finally came the day when we went to Mt. Washington. It was very cloudy and rainy that day. Of course, nobody, even my father wanted to go up there, except for me. So we did go. My mother did not want my dad driving our car to the top, so we took a tour. We waited a whole hour for the bus to fill up.

As we got close to the top, it was very foggy. I couldn’t see a thing. The bus driver was wearing sun glasses! I don’t know how he could drive. It was like we were in milk. I could not even see the road. My ears were plugged.

The tour guide was a funny guy. On the way up, he tried to entertain us. He told us a lot of stories. They all had one thing in common. They were about people who died on the mountain because of the fog. He said that the fog was so dense that these poor hikers could not see where to go. This was certainly true today.

I read somewhere that there is always a terrible wind on Mt. Washington. Because of this, rain drops do not fall vertically down from top, they move from left to right (or from right to left, if you turn 180 degrees). But, when we got out of the car, the air was still. There was almost no wind on Mt. Washington. And, it was only 10 degrees Celsius. This was a sad, very sad day. There was no wind on Mt. Washington. It did not rain from left to right. The only thing that made me feel happy was the cold temperature and fog.

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