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My favorite area of art is literature, but I find it very hard to single out one piece of literature as my favorite. I have a group of about 8 pieces of literature (none of which, by the way, i read on my own: only in lit class) that I like very much. I guess I’ll discuss some of them here.
“Our Town” by Thornton Wilder (from freshmen lit w/ Mr. Downs) – this book is so realistic, so compassionate to the human experience, it really does make you appreciate immensely the simple things in life.
“Walden” and “resistance to civil government” by Thoreau, and “self relience” and “nature” by Emerson (sophomore American li w/ Ms. O’Connel) – I liked these four for the same reason: the way Emerson and Thoreau reason clearly and simply about many timeless issues.
“Sand county almanac” by Aldo Leopold, “A friend of the earth” by TC Boyle, and “Desert solitaire” by Edward Abbey. These are from eco-lit class w/ Mr. Downs. I like them because they are books about nature, the environment, and its protection. Some of them echoed my views, some were entertaining, and some made me think critically.

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