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In TOK we generated many more questions than we answered. Actually, we probably never definitively answered any question at all. One can safely say, this was a very confusing class. I think the main function of this course was indeed to open our eyes to the confusion of, well, everything. And here, in my last TOK journal entry, I abandon my well known (and perhaps boring) side as the logical, math and science geek, and write as an appreciator of the arts, or, a naturalist, or, a well rounded student, or I don’t know – a person: In TOK we attempted to answer questions – big questions. Some days we thought we were on track, other days, we were utterly confused. Now that TOK is done, we are back to the regular daily routine with a new and profound appreciation of how confusing it all is. I think this confusion is beautiful. Yes, beautiful. I think we can all agree on this, even though we never answered the question, ‘what is beauty?’. I think that while this course did not answer most of the questions it raised, it did something much more important: it introduced us to this beautiful confusion!

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