Nicolas Jotterand Sohl, Middlebury

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I had the pleasure of getting to know Pavlo at Middlebury this year through rugby. His conviction, persistence and enjoyment for life were tremendous, and I know his energy and dedication was radiated to all those that had the honor to play with him. I will also never forget when we hiked to the top of Mount Washington and skied down Tuckerman’s Ravine. We had been talking about skiing it all winter. If it hadn’t been for Pavlo we would have surely pushed it off till next year because we felt like we had too much work to do. I was on my way to tell him we weren’t going to be able to go that weekend, and I saw his backpack and skis in the hall, ready for adventure. It didn’t take long for me and the others to change our minds and just do it. We had a blast camping in the parking lot and hiking up in the morning. The hike was difficult for all of us and the way down treacherous. There were times when I know it was tough for Pavlo, very tough. But he would just say, I just need to practice more. I’ll get better. There were never any excuses for Pavlo, only the opportunity to improve and live. He conquered that mountain, and had the time of his life. At the end we all shared handshakes and big grins. I know that his last time skiing was epic.

“There is no end. There is no beginning. There is only the passion of life.”

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