His first year at college

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His first year at Middlebury was quite successful. He took very hard courses (mostly of second level):

    Linear Algebra (Math 200)
    Relativity and Quantum Physics (Phys 201)
    Versions of Foreign (FYSE 122)
    Advanced General Chemistry and Lab (Chem 107)
    Thermodynamics, Fluids, Waves and Optics (Phys 111)
    Differential Equations (Math 225)
    Quantum Physics Applications (Phys 202)
    Applied Math for Physical Science (Phys 212)
    Russian Culture and civilization I (Russ 312)

For the fall of his second year he registered for:

    Quantum Chemistry and Spectroscopy (Chem 351)
    Real Analysis (Math 301)
    Intermediate Electromagnetism (Phys 301)
    Quantum Mechanics (Phys 401)
    Russian Culture and Civilization II (Russ 312)

In the spring semester he got three “A-s” and he obtained a summer research position in the Middlebury Physics Dept, where he worked successfully for two month. After that, he immediately took a summer course at NJIT.

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