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Despite the Orange ‘Vaccine,’ Ukraine Diagnosed with Post Revolutionary Syndrome

About two and a half years have gone by now since the days a few brave Ukrainians gathered on the capital square and spawned the Orange Revolution in December 2004. What has been the outcome of their decisive actions and where the winning party led this Eastern European nation? Put in a few words: the mount gave birth to mice.

The main conflict of the December 2004 events was the attempt of then governing corrupt regime of Yanukovich and his party to rig the presidential elections. The people of Ukraine, infuriated by such open audacity, took their fate in their own hands, went on the streets of the capital, and used their right to exercise their power directly as is written in the constitution. They insisted on rerunning the election and democratic candidate, Victor Yuschenko actually won. At the time, Ukrainians were very optimistic about the changes in their country’s government and the bright future they thought would come as a result of those changes.

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Article in “Ukrainian Weekly”

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