“Miles for Pavlo” final push to the summit

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The virtual journey of Newark Academy students to Mt. Everest came to conclusion. The final push to the summit took place May 29 at the front of the NA building. At the end of the ceremony, Dr. DiBianca announced that the gifts received (more then $12000) will form an endowment and the Pavlo Levkiv Memorial Grant for Experience in Learning will be established. The fund will award in perpetuity one yearly grant to students in need of funds who seek to engage in Experience in Learning activities in the environment improvement and conservation, nature exploration, science and international areas.

More pictures can be found on the page   Miles for Pavlo

The video of the event is here:     Part 1 Part 2

NA “Miles for Pavlo” approaching Mt. Everest

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“Miles for Pavlo”, the initiative of students at Newark Academy that pledged to make the journey from Newark Academy to Mt. Everest is approaching its final destination. The last yards of the trip will be done May 29.

Wrestling team award in Pavlo’s name

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Newark Academy wrestling team established an award in the name of Pavlo. It will be the annual award. The first recipient is James McGann, former Pavlo’s teammate.
Source: Jay Gerish, wrestling coach.

Pavlo’s spirit lives on

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In Middlebury, Pavlo wanted to continue the wrestling training, but there was no wrestling club in the college. So he joined the rugby team, and decided to organize the wrestling club. In spring semester he started to gather interested students and writing letters to college authorities, trying to persuade them that such club be founded at Middlebury. “Pavlo’s efforts at establishing a wrestling club at Middlebury were an illustration of quiet determination,” as former Dean of Cook Commons Matthew Carluzzo recalls. Unfortunately, by summer, the club was yet not established. Now, other students are continuing the work that Pavlo started. Here is the link to the article about the progress in creating the wrestling club: Pavlo’s spirit lives on

Notable New Jerseyans remembered

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Pavlo is remembered as notable New Jerseyan of 2008.

The link to the article (scroll down to August): Notable New Jerseyans who died in 2008 remembered

Pavlo is referenced as collaborator in research by his professor

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Dr. Noah Graham, Pavlo’s professor of Physics with whom Pavlo worked in summer 2008 as research assistant, references Pavlo in his research results (scroll down to Research) : These changes were developed with assistance from Pavlo Levkiv

Hope of rebirth for lost member of class of 2011

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Members of the Middlebury College community gathered Sept. 27 (Pavlo’s birthday) to in honor the the memory of Pavlo. They planted an oak tree in the front of science building, where he spent most of his time in college.

Link to the post (scroll down and right): HOPE OF REBIRTH FOR LOST MEMBER OF CLASS OF 2011

College mourns Pavlo Levkiv ’11

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The link to the article: College mourns Pavlo Levkiv ’11

Student from Summer Institutute for the Gifted remebers Pavlo

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Two summers, while in middle school, Pavlo attended the Summer Institute for the Gifted (SIG)program at Drew University. A student from that program shares her memories about Pavlo (scroll down to the middle of the post when she talks about SIG) Some Good Things, Something VERY Bad

College community mourns recent losses

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The link to the article: College community mourns recent losses