The Elegant Universe by Brian Green

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So, why does the electron have the mass it has? And what happened after the big bang that created all of the particles in the universe? Why are there so many particles, protons, pions, neutrinos, quarks? And why did the big bang happen? What was there before the big bang?

To answer such questions, one would need a theory that describes all of the forces of nature, all of the particles of nature, and interactions between particles and forces, in one mathematical framework. The recently developed string theory can achieve these requirements. The book by Brian Green describes how.
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At Carnegie Hall

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With the conductor’s first move
The sound comes and breaks it.The gentle violin,
It slowly begins
The beautiful and placid melody

The cello
makes its deep, vibrating sound,
And fills the whole building.

Then the drums,
Like shrill thunder
Enter with a strident, steady beat.

And when the chorus
Sings its heavenly song,
The entire Big Apple hears the performance.

With the
Violin’s last note,
the music melts down back to what it began from.

The roaring crowd
Keeps on cheering
Until the orchestra leaves.

New year resolution

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In the new year I resolve
To excel in History and Language arts.
To get a hundred points in math.
To understand Ostrogradsky’s theorems.
To learn advanced calculus.
To try to make my own math theorems.
To become a better skier.
To stand on top of Mont Blanc and Mt. Hoverla.
To learn how to fly a radio controlled airplane.
But the biggest thing of all
I pledge to not make my parents mad

Phaethon, son of Apollo

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In land of Ethiopia
Once, Phaethon was born
By mortal wife Clymene
And mighty Apollon

Epathos, son of Zeus
And Phaethon’s opponent,
He challenges the rival
Of his divine descent.

Enraged, he begs for proof
But mother gives him none
She sends him to the temple
Where stands his father’s throne.

And here he arrives
In front of mighty Pheobus
The daring son of god
Demanding for the evidence

He would not settle for less
Than being the Sun itself
And ride Apollo’s chariot
Across the Universe.

His pride was great
But stubborn as he was,
He could not take
The bumpy ride of gods.

I am

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I am a scientist and Ukrainian Kozak

I wonder about the theory of relativity
I hear the sound of Ukrainian anthem
I see the tiniest atom in the farthest galaxy
I want just a little more time to do my experiments
I am a scientist and Ukrainian Kozak

I pretend I live on the highest of the mountains
I feel the air molecules bumping into my ears
I touch photons with neurons of my eyes
I worry they will cut down all trees in Carpathians
I cry when my dear relatives die
I am a scientist and Ukrainian Kozak

I understand that time travels slower when you move fast
I say to time “slow down a bit”
I dream about everybody being smart
I try to get the best grades
I hope Ukraine’s economy becomes much better
I am a scientist and Ukrainian Kozak


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In my creative writing class, there is a very peculiar student. The student’s name is Confusion. Confusion does not know if he is a he or she. When the teacher tries to teach, confusion starts to laugh and cry at the same time. First, he is angry, and then she is sad, then happy, then angry again. He asks the teacher a question, then he says she knows the answer. When she walks into the school, the doors stare at him in askance.

And he dresses very strangely. He wears a boot as big as an elephant on her arm. He also wears a hat the size of a molecule on her left toe. His left eye is bleu, and his left eye is red. His hair is incredibly dirty, but her hands are sterile clean. When he smiles, he is angry. When he cry’s, he is happy. When he plays the drums, you first hear a loud boom, and then a quiet tap. When she is in a class, he does not know if it is History or Math. One day he knows everything, the next she is dumb as a piece of wood. This is Confusion.

The day it did not rain from left to right

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This summer, my mother, my father, our friends and I went to the White Mountains national park in New Hampshire. This is a park with a lot of big, rocky mountains, and cold rocky creeks and lakes. They are called “White Mountains” because they are covered with snow for a long period of time. Our main purpose was to visit Mt. Washington, which is the highest mountain in the Northeast. In addition, it has the worst weather in the world. As soon as one day passed, after we had gone up a hill, (you can’t even call it a hill because it was a bump in the ground only visible with a microscope) it became only my father’s and my purpose to visit Mt. Washington. Everybody else was very tired, they hated mountains, and wanted to go east to Maine, eat lobsters all day long and do nothing. Poor lobsters.

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Vacation is over
It’s time to depart
I must leave behind
(although it breaks my heart)

The wind of the mountains
The cold stony creek
Getting lost in the woods
The pleasure of my trip

For I’m packing only
The steep shining rock
And Mt. Washington mist

Mr. Star

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Mr. Star was very greedy
He ate all things that were not speedy
He didn’t watch his weight at all
And soon became a new black hole

All about time

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An expository essay.

They say that time travel is impossible. Who are they and what do they know? If you get on a jet that travels half the speed of light on January first, 2002, and you stay on that plane until 6:00 am on November 13th(according to the clocks and calendars on the plane), you would arrive on Earth on December 31, 2002. If you were to travel at the speed of light, (which is impossible, because your mass would become infinite, and you would become a black hole), time would stop.
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