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No weather can scare me. I like wind because when I jump off a rock in my backyard, the wind blows me very far. I like rain because most of the time there is fog on top of the hill and sometimes when I turn on a flashlight I can see the path. I like thunderstorms because I can see where the storm is heading by calculating where the lightning is. I am also planning to do experiments with static electricity. My favorite weather is snow and it doesn’t scare me. The only weather that can scare me is when it is above 100 degrees, which can be really scary.

What I hate

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Well, I HATE a few things. The first thing is doctors. Doctors, doctors, doctors, everywhere doctors. I can’t live 3 months without seeing a stupid doctor. People these days, they are simply crazy!

I also HATE the fact that there is no time for anything. The years pass by so quickly that the only thing I have to say is: Oh boy! Maybe this summer I will have time to accomplish “something”, And that “something” probably won’t be much.

Last but not least I HATE the fact that I know how to make things like radio telescopes but I don’t have the things to make it out of. Isn’t that just TERRIBLE?


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Can you guess what is my hobby? If you said doing experiments and calculating you are right. That is not only my hobby, it is my passion.

One time I grew tiny crystals under a microscope. They formed a regular network of bars that look like a maze. After 2 weeks I looked at it and found there where explosions in the intersections. I decided to investigate. Every half-hour I recorded my observations. There where more and more explosions only in the intersections. Why, I don’t know, but I have a suggestion. Maybe there was a little bit of liquid left inside the bar, which evaporated and made it explode


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I daydream everywhere, for example: school, car, New York City, trips, bathroom, shower, breakfast, lunch, or diner. The only place I can’t daydream in my bed. In my bed I nightdream.

When I daydream, I daydream about new inventions and experiments. One time I daydreamed about a machine that speeds up a proton so much that it hits a nuclei and destroys it, and then the protons and neutrons of that nuclei destroy other nuclei and so on, but I don’t quite know how to speed them up.


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If someday somebody asked me to go to Alaska I would definitely go. First of all, I like cold weather, second, I could climb Mt. McKinley. There, if I were lucky, I could find some gold.

The most interesting feature of Alaska is that in autumn in the rivers there are a lot of fish. When you go fishing, you can see a bear about 5 meters away from you because it is busy hunting the fish.

First political satire

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The good thing about Clinton is that he is the president of United States, not Ukraine. The bad thing is first of all, his name, now who would name their son Bill? Check, Cash, or Credit Card, or if it goes this way, Billion Dollar Bill are all much better names. Second of all, what kind of president would lie and get away with it (in the case of Monica Levinski)? If he was president of Ukraine I don’t know what people would do. Third of all, who voted for him? He is an American! I always wonder what he would do on New Year’s eve? Would he give advises on T.V. like, instead of drinking champaign, drink juice, it is healthier! And a lot f other bad advices. Or is all that good? After all, as I said before, he is he president of America, not Ukraine.

An Apology

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Suppose you get into a fight, you say one thing, the opponent says the other, you say another thing, your opponent says another. The hot discussion continues, for anything you say your opponent will find something else to say. How to end it? You apologize and your adversary is speechless.

Color poem

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First published poem

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     My name is Pasha

     I did not come from Rassia

     I came from Ukraine

     Which is not the same


Published in Ukrainian journal “Всесміх”, Canada.

First essay

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