White Meadow Lake 1

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An excerpt from writings about the nature for the “Eco-Literature” class at Newark Academy (Mr. Jon Downs) 

Living in the beautiful White Meadow Lake community I quite naturally became a very environment conscious person. My favorite pastimes are outdoors activities: hiking, biking, sailing, swimming. I probably spend much more time outdoors than most people. And I cannot help but see and be disturbed by the debilitating effects of our increasingly industrial society on the natural environment. You cannot walk through the woods of my home town in New Jersey without hearing the deafening crackle of beer cans under your feet. You cannot look at the midnight stars faded by New Jersey’s suburbians, who insist on leaving their porch light on, without hearing the roar of the mighty greenhouse gas river (aka Route 80). You cannot stand on a sunken tree branch on the bottom of White Meadow Lake, trying to overturn your capsized sailboat, without realizing that the branch is actually the frame of an old rusting bicycle, feeding its share of lead, ferrous oxides, and Mendeleyev knows what else into the mouths of the perch and the bass. Now, why didn’t I remove that bike that was strangely lying in the middle of the frozen lake back in January?

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