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Open response to three Disney movies for the “Disney of Nature” class (Mr. Downs).

Open response to “Swiss family Robinson”

Honestly, this was the worst film I have ever seen. There is not a shred of reality in this film, nothing even close to real. I think that even the “Lion King”, a cartoon, is more realistic than this movie, because in the “Lion King”, at least some creatures die (which by the way does happen in real life). . I think that movies that are so far from reality have very little value for the regular audience, as was evident by the class’s negative reaction to it.
This movie, now that I think about it, is actually a quite typical American movie, where nothing happens except for good things. These types of movies are a reflection of the American tendency to overlook facts and replace them with glossy, nice, fantasies. Oh, it’s not just an American tendency exclusively, but I think its more prevalent here. Downs, I could write more BS here, and start repeating stuff I wrote in my essay for jungle book, but in the interest of saving trees I will end here and start my next reflection.

Open response to Bambi

•An exquisite work of superb cartoonomatography, the very famed and highly critically acclaimed motion picture “Bambi” surpasses all odds and expectations by at the same time being emotionally engaging to the viewer and yet having a uniquely lent (French for slow, for all you uneducated regulars, low lying street dwellers) tempo. “Bambi”, the motion picture, also is quite remarkable for its delightfully delicate and impressionistic in quality depictions of extra-indoor vicinities, i.e. the forests of vert (French for green). Though mostly of placid character, this film does have some quite astonishingly well, shall we say, vicious moments. The part of the picture (motion picture) where Bambi fends off his opponent antelope by acts of pure and brutal physical aggression may be too violent for the enjoyment of rather smaller children of the younger age groups.

Open response to “Little Mermaid”

Hey Downs, I actually learned something from watching this Disney movie. Apparently (can you believe this?) it is better where it is wetter, under the sea!!! I think it’s a very valuable piece of knowledge, don’t you? I mean, I used to think that it’s better in the mountains, but now, I don’t know! I guess I’ll have to find a college that’s under the see, you sea, just like Middlebury is in the mountains! Then, I will transfer there after a year at Middlebury, and compare, which is better! But actually, I might not actually have to do that: there’s an easier solution – I’ll buy a huge SUV that gets like 2 miles per gallon, cause the ice caps to melt and seawater to thermally expand, and then Middlebury will soon be under the see, you sea. It’s better where it is wetter, under the sea!!!

Downs, Thank you so much for the experience. i will never forget these two classes, ecolit and dis. of nature (BTW that’s the way it appears on the schedule – “dis of nature”, and that’s so appropriate; Disney movies are the dis of nature. GO OUTSIDE!!!)

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