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The objective of a scientist is to seek the truth. Once society starts imposing subjective restrictions on what scientific discoveries are “morally” acceptable or unacceptable, society is effectively closing its eyes on the world in which it lives, and doctrines and false beliefs take the place of truth. A great example of this is the banning of teaching of the theory of evolution in some American schools in the early 20th century. Back then, the local governments of some districts decided that Darwin’s theory of evolution was morally unacceptable, according to their religious doctrines. This resulted in one such town in the famous Scopes Monkey trials. If that town continued to ban teaching the theory of evolution, nothing would stop the authorities from manipulating textbooks in any way, shape or form to their own benefit. Now, to the first question, should scientists be held responsible for applications of their discoveries, If they were held responsible,, Einstein would have to be held responsible foe the atomic bomb. But that is nonsense. Einstein discovered some truth of nature. But any knowledge can be put to positive or negative application.

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